Wednesday 10 March 2010

Haven't managed to do much lately have been floored by the dreaded flu but hopefully next week I will be up on my feet again. I have been looking at strawberries out of conservatory window and fingers crossed even although we have had loads more snow and frosty mornings they look ok. Have also contemplated growing potatoes in a bag this year haven't done that before either but why not in for a penny in for a pound it just depends on how much time I have. My married daughter, husband and grand-daughter(Holly she is just so gorgeous) have sold their flat and are moving soon only problem is they haven't found a new house yet and they have to leave their flat on April 9th quite soon so fingers crossed or they will have to move in with me not such a bad thing but I know they would rather have their own place. One of my other daughters Michelle is getting married on July 31st so there is quite a lot going on in our house at the moment. Of course there is weight to be lost for this wedding and I had started a regime of doing the tread mill for 40 minutes and then the power plate(I actually do not know what this does I am being guided by yet another daughter Angela who has lost about two and a half stone so she obviously knows what she's doing) and lastly I have just bought a dance hula hoop and can I just say for anyone who would like to change shape and have a laugh at the same time please try this. It's a bit like the one we had when we were children but it has weights in it and it is easier to keep up. My youngest daughter Emma put me onto this as she was doing the Pussycat dolls fitness video but being 50 something I declined to join in. Who knows if the weight will shift but I am enjoying myself trying. Hopefully back to fitness routine next week at the moment I could hardly lift hoop. If anyone has any ideas on how to lose weight painlessly please forward all ideas to me. Thank you


  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon!
    Thank you for stopping by :)
    Take care~

  2. That sounds terrible - hope you get to feeling better very soon! Nothing like the flu to add to the other issues in life.

  3. Feel Better soon :)

    Sounds like a busy time for you, nothing like a wedding to motivate the weight lose and you sound like you are having fun doing it.

    Have a great weekend, T.

  4. Don't worry about weight, you probably look marvelous! Just enjoy yourself and your family. Walking is the only fun exercise, take a walk enjoy the view.