Tuesday 26 January 2010

I am looking for inspiration don't know what to knit next has anyone any ideas? I am also finding it harder and harder to find wool where does everyone else get theirs? Have just spent the last hour on etsy in the forums its good to chat you met some really nice people and honestly if you have never checked it out please do. The quality and quantity of handmade items is immense you can spend so much time going through all the different sites. I mark some sites and when I am looking for that special gift for birthdays or special occassions I always know where to look and the good thing is most items are a one of so there is little chance of anyone else having the same thing and you will get loads of complements from the person receiving the gift.

Monday 25 January 2010

Oh I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything was right...

Just getting back to normal after the big freeze it's so good just to be able to go out again and also apologies for not having blogged for some time had a lot of family stuff going on as have most of us! New Year new start and this year I started of my knitting with 2 aran cushion covers. I have never kept a list of things I have knitted before but this year I am going to see how much knitting I manage to get through in a year. I will keep you posted.
These red Mary Jane baby shoes are my newest listing on etsy. I haven't knitted these shoes since my own children were babies I came across a pattern recently on the Internet and decided to give them another try they really are the cutest little shoes and I have embroidered some white daisies on the front.
What are you all knitting at the moment any new projects on the go.
Oh and if you want to see my little red shoes on my Etsy page then click here

Saturday 9 January 2010

Can not believe how cold it still is but never mind every cloud has a silver linning. I have knitted a sweet little baby love heart blanket this week and am now knitting some aran cushion covers I just love to chop and change with my knitting hoping to put them up in my etsy shop soon. Trying hard to keep warm thinking about excercising soon but haven't actually done anything about it. Even walking through the snow feels like a workout at the moment. Managed to survive Christmas with everyone at home my daughter and her fiance are now back in Oxford. They were so glad that it snowed for Christmas but after lying for 3 weeks even they were looking forward to going home unfortunately the snow followed them and they were snowed in for a couple of days and it's still lying although not as bad as ours.