Friday, 17 September 2010

Tidy up for winter coming

Just spent most of the day tidying up the garage so that I can put the swing and table and chairs away until next year as I don't think there are going to be many more days for sitting out and relaxing and actually I haven't really done a lot of that anyway this year. I am someone who really dreads winter I honestly do I just hate the dark nights I strongly dislike driving in the dark and I really, really do not like being cold I just dread closing the blinds at 5 o'clock because it is so dark outside. On the plus actually I can't think of anything to put on that side. I was born in November and my sister was born in April. Every year on our birthdays my mum always let us have a birthday party (I know that's common now..but I go back a few years and birthday parties were few and far between.) I digress. My sister was always allowed to go outside at her party with her friends because the weather was always reasonably good but mine November in chance. I always said that when I grew up I was going to change my birthday to June and guess's still November you can't beat nature.

I do like sitting in the house watching the snow fall and I really love Christmas and my little grand-daughter is going to be a 19 months old this year and I know she will be so excited because all her aunties get excited and they are way older than 19 months.

I have taken lots of pictures of my strawberries that I grew for the first time this year and lots of pictures from my garden I just love flowers. I am going to talk nice to Emma my daughter and see if she will put some on this blog for me as I have no clue how to do it. I was very pleased with the strawberries and I am going to give it another go next year as I did get quite a few berries and felt quite pleased with myself. I am hoping next year the numbers will double we shall see.

As usual I have been busy knitting many, many things I am just about to start a custom order for one of my circular shawls and I am also knitting quite a few arans this year they are getting very popular again and they are also very good for keeping you warm.

Just off to have a quick cup of tea before I settle down to my knitting again.