Saturday 20 February 2010

Fun in the sun

Well I have planted the strawberries. I was assured they could be planted straight away and I am a bit concerned I know it looks sunny in the pics and it was, at least when I was taking the pics but then it turned very cold and the following morning it was very frosty and I have to say there have been a few frosty mornings since. I even took advice from garden centre and bought strawberry compost which hopefully will give them a fighting chance. The planter is very decorative and I can picture the stawberries cascading over the top and tumbling down the sides. My plan B is if the strawberries don't grow I can always use the planter for my flowers which I'm sure will look equally nice ...only they won't be strawberries. I was also told by garden centre to protect them from birds by covering them with some sort of netting which I am working on. Let me know if you have any advice for me all comments very much appreciated.

Sunday 14 February 2010

The Box

Well great excitement here the strawberries have arrived although feeling a bit anxious as it is very frosty outside but have been assured that strawberries are winter hardy and that they can survive up to -6. Have not opened box yet have been staring at it all day but will attempt to open it tonight and plant tomorrow once I have assembled planter which looks very nice. I do sometimes get carried away when I watch gardening programmes like qvc and ideal world they make it look so simple and I think why not I'll give it a bash so wish me luck I mean how hard can it be I'm hoping the hardest part will be keeping the birds from eating them . I will keep everyone informed of their progress.

I have just finished knitting a shawl which I am going to put up on my etsy site soon I have pinned it out and have been stretching it for a couple of days . I have knitted it from an old pattern that used to be my mums you can't better the old Shetland shawl patterns. I knit it in a modern 2ply wool in white which can be machine washed and is more practical . I think the original wool was prone to shrink and it was never white but more a cream colour. I still have my own daughters original shawl and she is now 33.

EDIT- Just listed the shawl on Etsy, check it out here!

Monday 8 February 2010

I do!

I came across this on my daughters blog, she had posted it a little while ago
She found it on a photographer called Ben Phillips website.
His brother in law asked him to take pictures of him and his girlfriend on their way to work without her noticing
The pictures tell the rest of the story!
As it is nearly Valentines Day I thought I would share this with you. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Let me know what you think.

Monday 1 February 2010

Strawberry Fields

Picture One
Picture Two

Well that's us into February. What is everyone doing for Valentine's Day. I have a lovely sweetheart baby blanket that I have just put on my etsy site check it out and let me know what you think it isn't really for valentines but it fits in with the theme right. Can't wait for the Spring to come I was taking a walk round the garden the other day and it's so good to see all the bulbs starting to appear another few weeks and the daffodils will be out and the crocus too. My garden is my other passion . I'm not very knowledgeable about it but I am a willing learner. I have just ordered strawberries to grow this year something I have always wanted to do so fingers crossed I will let you know how I get on with that one. I am also contemplating having a go at growing my own potatoes in a bag. I have grown potatoes years ago in the ground and that was pretty successful but I have put gravel over my garden since then I will also let you know how that goes. Wish me luck. Any gardeners out there I would appreciate any tips you could give me. Thanks in advance.
Picture One- Hopefully what my strawberries will look like when they have grown,haha!
Picture Two- My sweetheart Blanket