Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Box

Well great excitement here the strawberries have arrived although feeling a bit anxious as it is very frosty outside but have been assured that strawberries are winter hardy and that they can survive up to -6. Have not opened box yet have been staring at it all day but will attempt to open it tonight and plant tomorrow once I have assembled planter which looks very nice. I do sometimes get carried away when I watch gardening programmes like qvc and ideal world they make it look so simple and I think why not I'll give it a bash so wish me luck I mean how hard can it be I'm hoping the hardest part will be keeping the birds from eating them . I will keep everyone informed of their progress.

I have just finished knitting a shawl which I am going to put up on my etsy site soon I have pinned it out and have been stretching it for a couple of days . I have knitted it from an old pattern that used to be my mums you can't better the old Shetland shawl patterns. I knit it in a modern 2ply wool in white which can be machine washed and is more practical . I think the original wool was prone to shrink and it was never white but more a cream colour. I still have my own daughters original shawl and she is now 33.

EDIT- Just listed the shawl on Etsy, check it out here!


  1. The shawl is very beautiful. I love the spiral pattern very do wonderful work! I'm going to link your blog on mine so we all can follow the strawberry adventure!

  2. Oh I do wish you luck with your strawberries! The shawl is very pretty!

  3. The shawl is gorgeous :)

    Be brave with the strawberries; are you going to plant them inside first? :) T.

  4. Beautiful, I have my eye on several of your items!!!

  5. This is so snow white, love it.It's a lot of hard work I know