Friday, 4 December 2009

Winter Wonderland

This is a collage of some of my 'Winter' knitting
Some of it is up on my etsy page here
But some of it isn't up yet
If you would like to buy any of the things that aren't on etsy please just get in touch using my email address at the side
I except Pay Pal payment only!
1. This is a Pram blanket White chunky 100% acrylic wool, It's in my etsy shop here
2. Blue hat and Red hat-Will fit babies up to six months approx
3. Hand-Knitted sailor style cardigan, With navy anchor buttons, Will fit 3-6 months
4. Another Hand-Knitted sailor style cardigan, This is in a lighter blue and cream, Will fit 3-6 months
5. Brown Unisex hat, knitted in 100% Aran wool Check it out in my Etsy shop here
6. Scarf in cream and brown Unisex
Hope you are all enjoying preparing for the Christmas season
I am getting excited about it now too!
What are you all knitting just now?
I have just started another chunky knit
You can never have too many for the winter season!
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Every ones welcome!
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  1. These are beautiful pieces- that pink and red hat is too cute! xo, Mel

  2. Your knitting is really love.

    Hope you are surviving the super cold weather. We've been watching with amazement from the other side of the world.